What is Dim Sum Labs?
Dim Sum Labs is a hackerspace; a persistent non-profit community-run space playing host to things being coded, things being melted, shared, reassembled and reappropriated since 2011 in Hong Kong. It is a space where geeks and nerds congregate, in order to tinker on electronics, equipment, ideas, and protocols. For those on the perimeter, it appears to be this sort of nucleus of a technological domain, electrifying and full of wonder. For those within, it is our third space, where we are able to explore the “different”, with like-minded spirits; a testing ground without the fear of failure [but as a side note, there IS failure, but just without the fear].

Can I visit Dim Sum Labs?
Open house is every Tuesday, from 20:00 onwards at 14/F, 100 Jervois Street, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong Island.

Sometimes we have presentations (Spectre + Meltdown Explained, Growing edible plants using your own biology (urine), VJ performances).
Sometimes we have workshops (Python for Beginners, 3D Modelling, How to construct a mesh network out of a RPi 2/3).
Sometimes we'll have a BBQ on the rooftop (with a repurposed Power Mac G5).
Sometimes we have LAN parties.
Sometimes we just drink beers + Club Mate while pondering miscellany.

How can I donate to Dim Sum Labs?
Go here, there's a button on the right side --> dimsumlabs.com

So what's this book?
Within _TFGTH, there is a collection of projects, instructions, and code, that is ordered into six(ish) sections, each prefaced by essays written by some very smart people who can explain peripheral topics of hacking far better than I could, as well as providing some respite from the sea of projects; a gesture to those who would like to know more about hacking, but perhaps not actually participate in it, physically.

It attempts to demonstrate the spectrum of activity that occurs within our community; the pragmatic, the useless, the altruistic, the political, the social, the scientific, the artistic, the speculative, and the deliberate.
Check out the preview here.
I put a full version here!

Where can I buy it?
For the time being, I need to pause sales, as [1] I need to print more copies [2] I'm busy [3] Do you want to help me find a publisher to take care of it for me? =D
If you super extra want to support the project, you could send an email of interest to boost the motivation factor ^________^

Is there a digital version?
This is currently being sorted out, please be patient!

There's a Limited Edition version??!?
Yes... but it's extra limited, since I have to assemble/solder it by hand, so imagine how many I can possibly make... Once they are all gone, that's it.

It says Version 1.0 - so there will there be updated versions?
Currently v1.1 is in design production, as there are heaps of mistakes in v1.0. But it's demonstrative of the super-DIY methodology of this whole situation, so take part in this very human glory.
At the moment there is no additional content planned, so changes will be superficial.

How to cite this publication?
Chicago: Poon, Michelle, editor. The Field Guide to Hacking. Hong Kong: Dim Sum Labs Press, 2018.
MLA: Poon, Michelle, editor. The Field Guide to Hacking. Dim Sum Labs Press, 2018.
APA: Poon, Michelle (Ed.). (2018). The Field Guide to Hacking. Hong Kong: Dim Sum Labs Press.

What is the ISBN for this publication?
v1.0 ISBN: 988-79397-0-2
v1.0 ISBN-13: 978-988-79397-0-2