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It didn’t take Carol long to come back to her best friend Maria Rambeau and her daughter Monica . And when she realized that Dr. Lawson’ s goal to end the war between the Kree and the Skrulls had yet to be realized, she knew it was her job to finish the job. With her trusty BFF and co-pilot Maria by her side, as well as her new sidekick Nick Fury, Captain Marvel set out to do what she could to stop this intergalactic logjam. Not just that, but helping the refugee Skrulls motivated her as well. After all, Talos was the one who told her the truth, even if they got off to a rocky start.
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Even before she gained the power that made her Captain Marvel, Carol Danvers was all about her Air Force career. People don’t join the military unless they’re service-minded, and Carol Danvers was seeking to fly with a purpose. In the beginning, her sense of duty was for her country and fellow soldiers, but once her mission – and alliance – shifted, that soldier mindset remained.
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Carol also sees value in a good early morning fight to shake off some funky dreams, using your foot to open doors when your hands are bound, and using your best friend’s kid’s inspiration to redesign your hero suit. Being decisive pays off!
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Carol Danvers knows she can fight. She knows she can get where she needs to be, and she knows how to do it quickly. Carol’s power isn’t about feeling superior – it’s more about knowing she can help to the best of her ability. Whatever the plan, she knows she can be an effective force. And when she’s being held back, watch out – Carol Danvers will find a way through.
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The entire time Carol spent on Hala as Vers, she was told to control her emotions and control her power — all in the name of being the best version of herself. But she knew this couldn’t be true. She may have been trained as a soldier and then a warrior, but Carol Danvers was a woman with a past and a story. When she found out she was being deceived, she was angry. When she realized she was wrong, she did what she could to make things right. And when she realized she was “fighting with one hand tied behind back,” she let herself be unleashed – and saved the world. captain marvel articles
Marvel Insider Get rewarded for being a Marvel Fan Marvel Unlimited Access Over 29,000 Digital Comics Movies Published May 6, 2020 6 Reasons We Love Captain Marvel Find out why Carol Danvers is the hero we deserve! by Jamie Frevele When Carol Danvers made her debut in the Marvel Cinematic Universe with the release of Marvel Studios’ Captain Marvel , the world was introduced to one of the most powerful heroes it had ever seen. But it’s not just Captain Marvel’s intergalactic powers that make her special. Marvel fans knows that behind every hero is a heart and soul, and that helps them see a little bit of themselves and inspire them to be their best. Here are a few things about Carol Danvers that we love the most.
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“Katy brings out that softer side of and that’s why he’s got to have his best bud with him.”
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6 Reasons captain marvel articles We Love Captain Marvel Marvel6 Reasons captain marvel articles We Love Captain Marvel Marvel
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It’s never a bad idea to have Carol Danvers on your team – just ask the Avengers !
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Carol Danvers is a prime example of what happens when you accept every part of you, embrace it, and let it help you soar. She may be one of the most powerful heroes in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but Captain Marvel will prove over and over again what it means to be good.
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True, Carol was fighting on the side of the Kree when we first met her, and they ended up being the bad guys. It was only after she recovered her memories and learned the truth; but all along she knew she was a good soldier, even when her lost memories nagged at her. She knew she was smart, strategic, strong – but what made her that way?
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Once she unlocked her past and the truth about the Kree , she made peace with her mistake and made new allies with the Skrulls. At that point, she learned what was truly right and knew she could help.
Shang-Chi and The Legend of The Ten Rings
Seeing Captain Marvel’s symbol on a ‘90s-style pager at the end of Marvel Studios’ Avengers: Infinity War made for a good laugh at the retro ways we used to communicate. But with a few added bells and whistles, marvel articles