Disney’s New Marvel Movie Schedule Through 2024 marvel movies 2022 Announced

Original produce meeting eachother:  July 8, 2022, November 11, 2022
The “Black Panther” payments was artisticly set for a May 2022 produce before the loss of life of its legend handset Chadwick Boseman .
Disney's New Marvel Movie Schedule Through 2024 marvel movies 2022 AnnouncedDisney’s New Marvel Movie Schedule Through 2024 marvel movies 2022 Announced
There is already an uncompany logod Marvel cinematic widespread for an July 28, 2023 produce, but it has since been increased from the rate .
Director James Gunn, who strived on the maiden two flicks in the franchise’s, can be coming spine again to the MCU after accurate on Warner Bros.’ “The Suicide Squad” and an HBO Max large range primarily based on one of its toys, Peacemaker .
During Disney’s agent day, Feige said Boseman can be not be redamp .
” a content of undyings who have been on Earth for 35,000 well enough time. They’ve been there throughout the MCU,” said Marvel Studios person in charge Kevin Feige at 2019’s San Diego Comic-Con .
Taika Waititi  can be coming spine again to directly the payments with Chris Hemsworth. Tessa Thompson is also rewinding as fan-most useful Valkyrie.
At the end of Marvel’s 2019 San Diego Comic-Con board, Feige hinted a “Fantastic Four” cinematic would come at some actually now that Disney has obtain to Fox’s Marvel stats.
Here’s long and hard we are aware of that about the flick .
While this was a new to many, Feige mocked over a period ago that we would get “FF” go to at some actually.
Kathryn Newton can be take over the employment of Cassie Lang. Jonathan Majors can be toy truck the flick’s violent, supposedly legend handsetring as Kang the Conqueror , a info maiden the coming periods in “Loki.”
Technically, this is a Sony Pictures cinematic the coming periods about in spouse with Marvel Studios. We’re while in the it here since Spidey is facet of the MCU. Also, the spinegrounds of the flick can be all the way up now tie into Marvel’s “Doctor Strange” payments.
Benedict Cumberbatch, Rachel McAdams, and Chiwetel Ejiofor can be remake their employments as Dr. Stephen Strange, Dr. Christine Palmer, and Baron Mordo.
Previous toys and bad guys from Sony’s old “Spider-Man” flicks, while in the Electro and Dr. Octavius , are foreseeable to coming spine again . Other lumbar Spider-Man movie stars may toy truck a employment in the flick as well.
“His making of T’Challa the Black Panther is bar councilic and goes beyond any new release of the info in any other regular from Marvel’s lumbar. And it is for that merelyification that we can be not redamp the info,” Feige a payment.
“Chadwick Boseman was an really ball the way up actor or actress and an peak performance when who hampered all of our expands me and anybodyly,” Feige said.
Disney conrock solided the payments in evening 2020 partnered with some cinematic meeting eachother refers.
Original produce meeting eachother: February 17, 2023
Original produce meeting eachother: November 5, 2021, February 11, 2022, May 6, 2022
Director Peyton Reed coming spine agains up and down with Paul Rudd as Ant-Man/Scott Lang and Evangeselection Lilly as Hope Van Dyne. Michelle Pfeiffer and Michael Douglas can be also remake their employments as Hope’s women.
It can be be distinguish between from the Phase 4 video tutorials. No produce meeting eachother was presented, but it was artisticly wfringed between “Black Panther 2” and “Captain Marvel 2” in Disney’s date flick postureing of produces spine in 2020 hovering it in selection with a sampleer October 2022 uncompany logod Marvel produce meeting eachother, which has since been nixed from the order of business.
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“A very outstanding cycle of info in the MCU, and Ryan is a click of nature, which is merely shiny to see him trick that info to stand by,” Feige a payment.
At Disney’s 2020 agent day, Feige conrock solided that Christian Bale can be toy truck the flick’s violent, Gorr the God Butcher.
The older more mature Rambeau was maiden looked at in “WandaVision,” where she taken super hero energy sources .
Although Wesley Snipes descended the employment in the 1998 cinematic, Feige maiden actuallyed out that Academy Award safe bet Mahershala Ali can be toy truck the we/creature of the night cross types, who shields wes from vamps, at SDCC 2019.
You  can grab more about the damp of “Eternals” and who they’re doing here .
Xochitl Gomez can be toy truck amusing info America Chavez . Scarlet Witch can be be in the payments, too. The spinegrounds of her Disney large range, ” WandaVision ,” can be all the way up now tie in to “Doctor Strange 2.” marvel movies 2022
Original produce meeting eachother:  May 6, 2022, July 8, 2022
“I’m bliss to say a flick about one of the very bar councilic Marvel raising a nearest and dearest, in fabric, Marvel’s maiden nearest and dearest, Fantastic Four,” Feige said when you experience Disney’s agent day analyze in December 2020 , while begin Jon Watts as the originator for the flick.
Original produce meeting eachother: May 7, 2021, November 5, 2021, March 25, 2022
There is no authorised produce meeting eachother yet for this flick, but Disney actuallyed out a November 10, 2023 produce for an uncompany logod Marvel cinematic. The meeting eachother for this produce has been upmeeting eachotherd to November 3, 202 3.
You can seek out the maiden trlr for the cinematic here .
The purchase Spidey cinematic hub bub like it’s winding into a fun, expand-conduct “Spider-Verse” cinematic.
“It can be be graded R and we are accurate on a screenplay all the way up now, and Ryan’s oopinioneing a screenplay all the way up now,”  Marvel Studios’ person in charge Kevin Feige well-informed Collider in January 2021. “It can be not be this period. Ryan is a very fast moving, very the actual very best actor or actress. We’ve got a number of tasks we’ve prior to this actuallyed out that we now have to make, but it’s revolutionary for it to have going out.”
The flick has a the vast damp, while in the Richard Madden , Kumail Nanjiani , Lauren Ridloff , Brian Henry Tyree , Kit Harington , Gemma Chan, and Salma Hayek. Don Lee, Barry Keoghan, and Angelina Jolie can be also legend handset in the cinematic.
There is already an uncompany logod Marvel cinematic widespread for an October 6, 2023 produce, but it has since been increased from the rate .
Feige noted the payments as a “fascinating, awful, hairstyle-putting sporting” and conrock solided Sam Raimi is reining in over the flick . He has inflated approved from Derrickson .
According to Disney’s authorised introduction for the flick, after the spinegrounds of “Avengers: Endgame,” these undying creatures be thought of as to get spine together to disagree the body from another the exorcist convention named The Deviants.
Carol Danvers can be be affiliated by “Ms. Marvel” legend handset Iman Vellani, who is legend handsetring in her own Disney large range , and Teyonah Parris, who can be toy truck an older more mature vary of Monica Rambeau.
Gunn mutual on interpersonal growing media in November 2020 that he’d finalized the screenplay for “Vol. 3.”
The originator of the maiden “Doctor Strange,” Scott Derrickson, was artisticly set to coming spine again to deexpandr “the maiden awful MCU flick.” In January 2020, Derrickson and Marvel Studios really faceted bottoms ” due to productive errors. ”
Original produce apactuallyments: July 16, 2021, November 5, 2021
Some of these probably have access to a paymentss. One solution is a about fourth “Captain America” cinematic with Sam Wilson . It’s a great deal probably that another flick can be be a bigger “Avengers” administrator-up cinematic interested in that “Avengers: Endgame” was produced in 2019 and we’ll be five well enough time out. We’ve been matching information at a “Young Avengers” cinematic for some well enough time .
Natalie Portman ended up being on degree at SDCC 2019 throughout the cinematic’s company logo was actuallyed out. Not only is Portman rewinding to the MCU, but she’ll toy truck a mother vary of Thor to become out of the amusings .
Feige actuallyed out the name of the purchase “Ant-Man” flick at Disney’s 2020 agent day.
February 16, 2024 May 3, 2024 July 26, 2024 November 8, 2024
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